Dems Join in Calls for Napolitano's Resignation?

Posted: Jan 01, 2010 11:04 AM
That's what Fox News is reporting today...

New Jersey State Senate President Richard Codey, a Democrat, wrote a letter to Napolitano this week calling on her to step down. He said Napolitano, an attorney and former Arizona governor, does not have the experience for the post she is in. 

"We should have someone who doesn't need to go in there and learn about terrorism, learn about security," Codey told Fox News. "How close were these 300 people on this plane from losing their lives because homeland security broke down? Boy, it was really close."...

Codey said a candidate "well-versed" in intelligence should step into the job. 

Democratic strategist Dan Gerstein also said Napolitano's response to the incident should be the last straw. 

"I tend to think she will be pushed out in the next couple of months," Gerstein, a former adviser to Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., said. 

For now, the administration says it has absolute confidence in Napolitano... To Republicans who have lambasted the administration in recent days over its response, the White House accuses critics of playing political games. 

"Unfortunately too many are engaged in the typical Washington game of pointing fingers and making political hay, instead of working together to find solutions to make our country safer," Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer wrote on the White House blog.

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