Stimulus Created Jobs, Spent Money in Non-Existent MO Districts

Posted: Nov 16, 2009 12:36 PM
Fuzzy math is one thing, but making stuff up is a completely separate issue.  Economists are scratching their heads about the Obama administration's definition of "created or saved" jobs, but some information being reported on is indisputably false. 

The Recovery website reports 5 jobs were created in Missouri's 14th Congressional District, costing taxpayers $617,848.  One problem: Missouri only has nine districts.  Whoops!

There are also 3.5 jobs being reported--split between the 16th and the 29th districts of Missouri--costing another $55,896

Finally, there are districts numbered "00", 31st and 10th that report zero jobs created, but still managed to secure $254,823 in taxpayer dollars. 

In all, taxpayers have forked over $928,567 to these phantom congressional districts.  Explanation?  Maybe these districts are located in one of the seven extra states in America only Obama knows about...

The problem is much more widespread than just one state's data on  The Washington Examiner is tracking bogus stimulus jobs all across the country.  As of today, 75,343 bogus jobs have been "created or saved" from the stimulus. 

Check out  If you know of any bogus stimulus jobs in your area, contact the Examiner.