Don't Forget to Set Your Tivos

Posted: Oct 21, 2009 6:25 AM
The Hill is reporting that NBC White House correspondent Savannah Guthrie will get an exclusive interview with President Obama on Wednesday--shocker, I know.  The topic of conversation: the state of women in American life.  (I could make a really mean joke about NBC going straight to the source on this one, but I won't.)  The Obama interview will be one portion of a series called "A Woman's Nation" and parts will air on NBC Nightly News, Today, and MSNBC.

In addition, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is scheduled to make her debut appearance on Oprah on November 16, followed by the national release of her memoir, "Going Rogue," the following day.  Palin's book is already a best-seller, a full month before its release. 

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