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AP Photo/Matt Kelley

The holiest day for Christians, Easter, is over, though it wasn’t without controversy. Joe Biden brought extra special attention to some ‘woke’ nonsense—Trans Day of Visibility—and pro-Hamas clowns disrupted Easter mass in New York City. Usually, religious officials are invited to the Sunday Morning Talk Shows to discuss the day. Cardinal Wilton Daniel Gregory didn’t hold back regarding his criticisms of Joe Biden regarding the issue of faith and religion. 


He called Biden something that’s been tossed around for years to describe the progressive sect of the church: “cafeteria Catholic.” Those who pick and choose what to abide by to fit their political leanings. The cardinal agrees that Joe is sincere about his religion but still falls into the trap of selecting “that which is attractive and dismiss that which is challenging.” 

Biden’s stance on abortion and gay marriage are prime examples. 

I’m a lapsed Catholic. I haven’t attended church in almost 20 years, but I still respect the institution. They’ve done more for the disadvantaged and the inner-city poor than any government program. 


Social issues are where the Left attacks the Church, but it’s not a subsidiary of the Republican National Committee. There’s a difference between the traditional and political conservatism. The Catholic Church isn’t the Tea Party Patriots, especially on issues of helping the needy and poor. Some could argue that they’re ardent leftists in some of their positions on socioeconomic matters. Whatever the case, that's for the faithful to debate among themselves. I’m in the doghouse on this stuff.

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