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AP Photo/Jonathan Mattise

I’m not especially religious, but this is borderline blasphemous. It’s unseemly, at the very least. Also, comparing a school shooter who killed six people to Jesus Christ during Easter Week is incredibly improper. You will have an “a-ha” moment regarding this story because the pastor who made these remarks is a transgender pastor from a Lutheran Church. Given who made this comparison, it’s unsurprising. Micah Louwagie said what Hale and Jesus Christ share is the act of betrayal. Did Jesus Christ butcher six people before he was nailed to the cross? How was Hale betrayed, and did that justify committing mass murder? You don’t been to be religious to find this mind-warped sermon to be highly offensive. Spree killers and Jesus Christ don’t mix—but the pastor wanted to make headlines. She had them now (via Fox News):


A liberal transgender pastor compared Nashville shooter Audrey Hale to Jesus being betrayed and crucified less than a week after Hale murdered six people at a Christian school. 

Micah Louwagie, who was recently formally installed as the pastor of St. Mark's Lutheran Church in Fargo, North Dakota, delivered the Easter-themed sermon to the small congregation on April 2. 

After reading the Biblical account of Jesus' crucifixion, Louwagie immediately brought up the mass shooting in Nashville.   

"Instead of focusing on ways this could've been prevented, such as gun control, a significant number of people have turned their attention to the shooter's identity," the pastor lamented. 

"Some folks have tried to focus on eradicating trans people as a solution, because they have been waiting, just waiting for an opportunity such as this. They've been waiting for a reason, any reason to stoke their hatred," Louwagie said. 

The pastor goes on to deride "allies" who abandon and "betray" transgender persons, like Jesus's disciples who fled when he was arrested. 

"Marginalized folks, those of us with the least amount of privilege and power, they need those who have more privilege and power than they do to physically place their bodies between them and the people, powers and institutions that are literally killing them," Louwagie urges. 

The liberal pastor goes on to compare the Pharisees' treatment of Jesus to politicians who make laws against drag shows and transgender players in sports. 


First, I didn’t even know there were transgenders in North Dakota; this pastor might be one of one in that regard. But it’s irrelevant. What’s at play here is the same old silly game of retroactively applying niche progressive issues, like transgender rights, and trying to comport that with ancient texts where these weren’t issues at all. It’s already an embarrassing exercise when the Left does it with history, engaging in academic fraud and pure fiction to bolster their shoddy arguments, specifically regarding the founding of America, the Constitution, and the origins of the Second Amendment.  It's even messier when theology and religion are involved. 

'Jesus Christ and Audrey Hale share something in common' is a concept that shouldn’t even be considered. Hale was a biological female who identified as male and killed six people, intentionally targeting a private Christian school to commit this act of senseless violence. Jesus did no such thing. And even when betrayed, he forgave, Hale slaughtered people. Such a comparison deserves damnation.

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