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It's Come to This: Dollar Tree Ditches Eggs Due to Soaring Prices

You know things are bad when basic food items, like eggs, bread, and milk, see a price hike. We’ve known the state of the economy was a classic smoke and mirrors show, regardless of how the Dow Jones is going. The United States is in an economic recession. Inflation remains high, and Joe Biden either doesn’t care or has forgotten. For his constituents along the Acela Corridor, they can absorb the price hikes. Most working families cannot, which we’ve seen with the record consumer debt accrued since the last holiday season. Savings have been wiped out in most households. Still, Democrats think they’re guiding the nation out of the supposed disaster left by the Trump administration, that being an economy on the road to recovery after the COVID pandemic. 


The price of eggs has become so out of control that Dollar Tree is suspending sales. If you want eggs at these locations, they’ve been yanked off the shelves for the foreseeable future. Companies are conducting massive layoffs, especially in tech, which the market has shellacked in recent months. But the state of the economy is solid, according to the well-off political class and their stooge, Joe Biden (via 21 WMFJ): 

Dollar Tree stores in the nation and dozens  in Mahoning and Shenango Valley have removed eggs from their shelves as prices continue rising. 

According to Reuters News Agency "Egg prices have increased by as much as 60% in the last year, prompting the discount store to pull eggs over not being able to make a profit." 

One manager from a local Dollar Tree says the eggs were not only pulled from shelves, but from their monthly ordering list as well.

With Easter around the corner, the demand for eggs is high and the prices are even higher compared to two months ago 

Senator Mike Rulli of Rulli Bros. believes the egg market was at its worst last year but inflation continues to impact price points.

"Right now you're still in the $3 range of a dozen of extra large eggs," Rulli told 21 News.

Local grocery store owners hopes to see reduced egg prices in the summer.


Dollar Tree hopes to restock the shelves with eggs at affordable prices come autumn. Also, even butter could be the next target for an inventory overhaul as its price has spiked 20 percent in Joe Biden’s America (via NBC/Today): 

The chain, which is increasingly a go-to grocery destination for cash strapped shoppers, has roughly 8,000 Dollar Tree stores across the United States and Canada. Its spokesperson said it does not anticipate being able to bring eggs back into its stores for sale until later this fall.

Egg prices hit record highs of close to an average of $5 a dozen in January, according to economic data, due to a global outbreak of the avian flu. In consumer pricing data released by the government Tuesday, egg prices fell 6.7% in February.

Eggs are big sellers ahead of the spring holidays of Easter and Passover.


Dollar Tree still sells butter in a few markets, the spokesperson said. Butter was also up in price over 20% in February compared to a year ago, according to economic data.


Eggs aren’t really part of the diet for the snobby legions who dominate America’s cultural centers, as they’ve adopted a more vegan menu. There is no bigger sign of privilege than a vegan, whose diet couldn’t sustain most of the world’s population; we need meat and animals to live. Are eggs being taken off Dollar Tree’s inventory a sign of a healthy consumer market?  

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