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AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Love or hate him: Rep. George Santos (R-NY) is here to stay. He knows it too. The GOP cannot afford to lose another seat, which will undoubtedly happen if a concerted effort pressures Santos to resign. He represents a swing district, and no crime has been committed. Did Santos embellish a bit about his resume and past life? Sure, but how is that different than what Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) did regarding his tours of duty in Vietnam that never happened? Santos will probably be gone next election, so House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is treading water with him. If some illegality is discovered, we’ll revisit, but until then, Santos stays, and he’s become something of a master troll. 


He's having fun as the media smears him for being a drag queen in a past life to claiming that he’s of Jewish heritage. Santos knowing that this will be the only two years in this seat, is making the most of it. His response to the Don Lemon fiasco on CNN is pure comedy. The New York Republican was scheduled to be on the network’s show, This Morning, earlier this month but backed out after Lemon’s rant about Nikki Haley. Sexism will not be tolerated in the George Santos office (via NY Post): 

The Long Island congressman with a penchant for embellishment canceled an exclusive sit-down with the embattled CNN anchor over the latter’s widely condemned sexist remarks about former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley. 

Santos instead opted to do an interview with Post columnist Piers Morgan. 

“We heard the comments and it was in very poor taste and we did not wish to do a sit-down with someone who could speak ill of women in that regard,” a spokesperson for the New York Republican told the Daily Mail.

“It shouldn’t matter if it’s a Republican or Democratic woman running for public office, but we’re not going to sit down with someone who would say such horrible things. 

That’s hilarious. Lemon caught hell on all fronts for his remarks about Haley, who he claimed was not in her prime, which reportedly caused co-host Poppy Harlow to walk off-set. He was also allegedly benched from the following broadcast, lobbed a sloppy apology that was not accepted by the staff, and will undergo retraining on these matters, a man nearly 60 years of age. He’s not happy being a morning host, but that’s another matter. 


With Santos, the way you know he feels safe is the brazen explanations he’s offered about election his exaggerations, noting that he had already gotten away with it in 2020. Hence, why he felt no one would cross-reference these stories. 

What a legend. Enjoy your time on the Hill, sir.

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