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AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

It’s the second anniversary of American history's most destructive and traumatizing day. It’s not Pearl Harbor, the firing on Fort Sumter, or even the 9/11 attacks. It’s the January 6 riot—and of course, this is through the prism of a liberal American, someone so detached from reality and soaked in MSNBC propaganda that there are not enough red pills to yank them back into being rational beings. 


Liberal America is attached to January 6 like a barnacle because it allows them to hate their favorite enemy: Donald Trump. The Russian collusion hoax didn’t stick, nor did Stormy Daniels or any of the fake news controversies weaponized to take down the former president. The riot allows liberals to feed their vicious and destructive cycle of self-inflicted misery. If they’re happy, it means they’re living life wrong—some aspect of privilege is being exhibited that, in turn, is keeping someone else oppressed. 

And because liberals are cheerless ghouls by default, they need to spread their dread to all of us like COVID. If we’ve moved on from January 6, it means we’re enabling insurrection. The liberal media today will be especially crack-addled, dredging up debunked or outright falsehoods about the riot. 

The armed insurrection talking points will be reloaded, despite the lack of weapons recovered by police. There were reports of AR-15s littering the Capitol grounds—that is patently false. And no, these rioters weren’t killing Capitol Police officers. Officer Brian Sicknick died of natural causes, something revealed too late as his name had been weaponized against Trump. Ashli Babbitt was the only person killed inside the building that day, whose shooting death remains fraught with questions. The new liberal rule regarding police shootings is simple: an officer-involved incident is bad unless a conservative gets killed.  


Biden will reportedly give some Capitol Police officers medals today. I’m sorry, Democrats hate law enforcement. Their base hates the police, so excuse me as I chuckle at these folks who shout, ‘pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon.’ It’s like when liberals only say police should have guns, the same police they think are hopeless racists and commit surreptitious genocide against people of color. 

Today is going to be insane with the historical revisionism and accompanying illiteracy. Trump will be pegged as a man who tried to overthrow the government—that’s false. Today will be marked as the day we survived an armed rebellion—that’s also untrue. January 6 wasn’t the best day for the country, but it wasn’t an insurrection. It was a riot. It’s over, and everyone moved on but the Left because they’re a people who don’t know what real problems look like anymore.

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