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Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP, File

Elon Musk has a monumental task ahead of him as he continues to assume control of Twitter. He’s already exposed the dirty censorship operations we all knew happened behind closed doors, but it’ll take a lot more time before he has the reins firmly in his hands. Musk, the Tesla creator and billionaire tech innovator, offered $44 billion to buy the company, which entered legal limbo that lasted most of the summer. Now, Musk faced a labor dispute with the local custodian union. They were displeased that the company had fired some 20 workers and protested the move, so Musk terminated the contract, thereby jettisoning the entire janitor workforce (via The Blaze):


Janitors hired to clean at Twitter headquarters in San Francisco, California, protested after 20 employees were fired, so the social media company bought by Elon Musk fired the rest of them.

Critics of Musk are outraged that he would fire the workers just weeks before Christmas.

“Our cleaning contractor at Twitter was told by Twitter that they are cutting the contract,” said Olga Miranda, union president for the janitors. “So we have about 48 families out of work. And it just so happens that it's three weeks before Christmas.” 

A representative from SEIU Local 87 told the New Republic that 20 janitors were told on Friday that they were fired with no notice and that they were fighting for wages, "benefits and job protections." 

By Monday, the union organized a strike with the rest of the janitors against the firings, saying the company was violating local cleaning regulations. They also said they were locked out of the building.

It's a Reaganesque move, showing that Musk has little to no time to waste on these matters as he deals with severe internal issues, namely how a former FBI official scrubbed internal documents detailing how Twitter censored the Hunter Biden laptop story. This person, James Baker, was formerly with the FBI’s general counsel. Before his role was discovered, Baker was Twitter’s deputy general counsel, and Musk fired him on Tuesday.


Mr. Baker was revealed to be part of the group reviewing the files about the social media giant’s Hunter Biden protocols, the first batch of which was reported by former Rolling Stone reporter Matt Taibbi last Friday. Baker was one of the main stooges who kept the Russian collusion hoax alive within the walls of the DOJ. There will undoubtedly be allegations that he had removed virtually all mentions of the FBI in these Twitter communications, an agency that has been at the forefront of quashing any legal inquiry into Biden’s alleged corrupt crackhead son. It’s why the Friday rollout of the ‘Twitter Files’ was anticlimactic at points.


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