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AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Gas prices are killing working Americans. The war in Ukraine hasn’t helped the situation, but the true reason we’re seeing a spike in prices is that our half-dead president has an energy policy that’s hot garbage. The price began to tick up as soon as the Keystone XL pipeline was subjected to a partial-birth abortion by this administration–a brutal policy death. He killed new gas leases in federal lands. While Obama launched an unholy war against the coal industry, Biden went to war with oil and gas with disastrous results. The Green New Deal which is the cornerstone of Democratic politics on energy is not feasible. Now, with the French president nuking his backup plan, Biden is truly stuck–and once again showed everyone that he’s woefully unqualified to be the leader of the free world. He’s too small, too stupid, too old, and too slow. Biden’s plan was to get Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to ramp up oil production. Emmanuel Macron said that was not possible since the UAE is already at capacity and the Saudis can’t produce much more. Do you know which country has a ton of energy within its own borders? We do. We just need to tap into it.


When asked about the high gas prices and how long we should expect to pay for it, Biden said at his NATO presser that Americans should be prepared for pain at the pump for as long as it takes to defeat Russia in Ukraine. Excuse me (via NY Post):

American drivers will have to endure high gas prices for “as long as it takes” for Ukraine to defeat Russia’s invasion, President Biden told reporters in Spain Thursday.

At the conclusion of this week’s NATO summit in Madrid, the president was asked by New York Times reporter Jim Tankersley about the surging price of oil as a result of Western sanctions on Russia in response to its Feb. 24 assault.

“The war has pushed prices up. [Oil] could go as high as $200 a barrel, some analysts think,” Tankersley said. “How long is it fair to expect American drivers and drivers around the world to pay that premium for this war?”

“As long as it takes,” Biden answered. “Russia cannot, in fact, defeat Ukraine and move beyond Ukraine.

And this comes after he said that another $800 million is going to Ukraine. Besides Biden not caring about working Americans who will be absolutely brutalized by this ongoing energy crisis, the phrase “as long as it takes” is key here. Isn’t this the guy who decided to flee Afghanistan because the mission was open-ended and without direction? We appear to be heading into the same ditch. The irony is in some way, yes–Joe Biden was right that the Afghanistan mission had gone off the rails. It was aimless. How we left is an entirely different matter. It was shambolic, but what the hell is going on here? Open-ended foreign policy ventures in Ukraine are okay, but not in Afghanistan? How can that be reconciled, Joe? I’m just going off your own words in August of 2021, sir:


My fellow Americans, the war in Afghanistan is now over. I’m the fourth President who has faced the issue of whether and when to end this war. When I was running for President, I made a commitment to the American people that I would end this war. And today, I’ve honored that commitment. It was time to be honest with the American people again. We no longer had a clear purpose in an open-ended mission in Afghanistan.

After 20 years of war in Afghanistan, I refused to send another generation of America’s sons and daughters to fight a war that should have ended long ago.

After more than $2 trillion spent in Afghanistan — a cost that researchers at Brown University estimated would be over $300 million a day for 20 years in Afghanistan — for two decades — yes, the American people should hear this: $300 million a day for two decades.

If you take the number of $1 trillion, as many say, that’s still $150 million a day for two decades. And what have we lost as a consequence in terms of opportunities? I refused to continue in a war that was no longer in the service of the vital national interest of our people.

And most of all, after 800,000 Americans serving in Afghanistan — I’ve traveled that whole country — brave and honorable service; after 20,744 American servicemen and women injured, and the loss of 2,461 American personnel, including 13 lives lost just this week, I refused to open another decade of warfare in Afghanistan.

We’ve been a nation too long at war. If you’re 20 years old today, you have never known an America at peace.


Ah, so you decided to get us out of one war, albeit in a humiliating and chaotic manner, only to hurl us into another endless war but this time the enemy is potentially one armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons. Yeah, sounds like a Joe Biden plan for sure, a man who has been dead wrong on everything foreign policy-related for the past 40 years.

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