Bill Maher Trashes Liz Warren's College Debt Plan Over a Very Simple Reason

Posted: May 09, 2022 1:45 PM
Bill Maher Trashes Liz Warren's College Debt Plan Over a Very Simple Reason

Source: Janet Van Ham/HBO via AP

Forgiving college debt is a trash plan, and it's not just conservatives who know this. Democratic strategist James Carville has been saying this for years, noting that it's just a loser issue. Millions of Americans have been going to school, working, and paying off their loans. No one really wants to hear this. These sentiments were echoed last week during "Real Time with Bill Maher." It's not hard to see how this issue could backfire on Democrats dramatically. It's not hard to see if this passes, how we could see a series of Donald Trump-like presidencies. 

Democrats want to get it done quickly for that reason—they know the longer this remains in the spotlight, the more unpopular it will become. We're asking most of the country, who did not go to college, to bail out the most privileged who can or did. Sorry, that's just not going to fly. Talk about wanting to inject steroids into our populist moment. Everyone sees who's graduating from these liberal hell hole colleges. Frankly, college graduates need to quit whining, start working and get their salary histories going. And yes, it starts low, kids.

Maher quickly cut down this issue which is Sen. Elizabeth Warren's (D-MA) pet issue while Paul Begala, a longtime Democratic Party strategist, added that his people do their best to piss off the working class (via TheBlaze): 

Bill Maher weighed in on student loan forgiveness – which he deemed as a "loser issue." During the same episode of "Real Time with Bill Maher," a notable Democratic strategist reamed out Democrats for being experts in "pissing off the working class."

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has been the most vocal proponent of student loan cancelation – despite, at times, dodging logical questions about her proposal. However, two long-time, die-hard Democrats explained why student loan forgiveness is a "loser issue" during Friday night's episode of "Real Time."

"We who didn’t go to college and didn’t benefit from that are gonna subsidize you, to get your degree in gender studies and sports marketing and all the other bulls**t," Maher said of the student loan forgiveness proposal.

Maher then declared, "I think it’s a loser issue."

Begala then sarcastically sneered at his own party, "We Democrats have a lab, two labs actually, secret labs – one in Berkeley and one in Brooklyn, where we come up with ideas to completely piss off the working class, and it’s working wonderfully."

Indeed. There are no working-class people in the Democratic Party anymore. It's how a horrible idea like bailing out rich white woke liberals takes hold. Democrats rail about a bailout for Wall Street. Sure—I think I can share in that outrage, but a bailout for the whiny progressive slivers that are polluting the discourse in this country—no. Their bailouts are ok, they say. If there is one way to ensure the working class of America never votes Democratic again, maybe it's with this college debt push.