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AP Photo/Meg Kinnard

Anything goes with Donald Trump. You all know this. Anytime there was a debate or presser, you buckled up and enjoyed the ride. America’s economy was booming. There was peace. The Abraham Accords were being hashed out. Russia wasn’t invading Ukraine. Gas prices weren’t insane. Companies were giving bonuses. The job climate was fantastic. The small business and consumer confidence levels hit record highs. Unemployment was at a 50-year low across the board, and Joe Biden drive us back into the ditch again. The man is an abject failure. Joe Biden and his crew don’t demonstrate any resemblance of strength which is why everyone is having a turn doing whatever the hell they want. 


Trump and Putin were always a liberal media obsession due to the collusion myth, but Trump noted that the latter man used the n-word a lot. No, it wasn’t some racist anecdote or a scene out of Django Unchained. Putin was a man who liked the nukes. 

“Nuclear” was the n-word Trump said was the one tossed around a lot. The former president discussed this on Fox Business yesterday, which I’m sure made everyone in the control room reach for the Advil, whiskey, or both. The tension was probably palpable until Trump revealed which n-word he was talking about. It got your attention, right? The man knows how to capture an audience. 

Trump’s unpredictability was his strength and weakness. He could come off like a bull in a China closet, but how he’d react to a Ukraine war seemed to be enough to keep Moscow’s invasion plans in a desk until he left or someone weaker stepped into the Oval Officer. Enter Joe Biden’s drooling vegetable persona, and the invasion was back on. The worst part is that this Biden team thought they could get China on our side to stop an invasion of Ukraine—the Chinese then told the Russians everything about what we gave them. It’s the JV team.


China was cautious about Trump’s “creative destruction” as they called it, noting that for the first time in nearly 50 years, they had an American president who was challenging them culturally, economically, and militarily. Biden can’t do any of that—not in his mental state. 

And this unpredictability appears to be enough to keep people in line. Speaking with former professional golfer, John Daly, Mr. ‘grip it and rip it,’ the president noted how he threatened to strike Moscow if things got out of hand. Trump admits that maybe Putin only believed that there was a 5-10 percent chance we’d follow through on that threat—but it was enough. No one wants nuclear war, though that’s also become a bipartisan consensus here in DC.

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