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Officer Who Used Justified Lethal Force Against Wannabe Killer Ma'Khia Bryant Cleared of Wrongdoing

AP Photo/Jay LaPrete

This took way too long but the Ohio police officer who used justifiable lethal force to stop a wannabe killer, Ma’Khia Bryant, has been cleared of wrongdoing. The incident occurred in April of 2021. The late 16-year-old Bryant is caught trying to stab and kill another person. It’s clear-cut. Not even CNN could come up with some woke nonsense regarding this officer-involved shooting. Chris Cuomo, who has since been fired for other infractions, and Don Lemon had a lengthy back-and-forth about how this shooting was justified. To their credit, they also noted how it’s abjectly stupid for the officer to aim for the extremities. These are low percentage targets. In a crowd, you don’t want to take that risk (via Newsbusters):


Lemon, who normally railed against the police, built off of Cuomo by explaining how difficult it was for cops who arrive at scenes that are pure chaos and told off the peanut gallery:

When they roll up on the scene, they see people tussling around. Someone has a knife. And their job is to protect and serve. Every life on that scene. And if they see someone who is in the process of taking a life, what is that decision, what decision do they have to make?

And I that people say, “Well, you can do this you can do that.” Tasers don't work the way guns work.

Imagining the woman who was on the verge of being stabbed was his “sister, niece, wife,” Lemon argued that the cop was right to protect a life by taking one. “And if someone is trying to take a life, on that scene, do you protect the life of the person trying to take the life, or do you protect the life of the person whose life is in imminent danger at that point,” he rhetorically asked.

Adding: “That at a certain distance, a stabbing, a knife, can be much more lethal than a bullet. And especially if you get stabbed in the artery, in the temple, somewhere that you're going to bleed out.”

Later in the conversation, Cuomo seemed to hint that he agreed with one woman he spoke to who questioned where the parents were, and why did the father get involved in the fight when the cops showed up:

An older woman of color said to me, I was like, “man, this is really hard.” The piece of tape where the guy says what he says, “you shot my baby.” She goes, “shame on him.” I said, “why? He just lost a family member, I don't know if it's his kid or whatever it was.” And the response was, “he came running out of that house. Why didn't he stop it? What were they doing? Why didn't he stop it? Why did the police have to come and control that situation? Why didn't he?”


LeBron James was the village idiot to attack the police who saved a life in this incident. Yet, as of now, it’s done. Over. The officer has been cleared, and we can all move on (via NY Post):

The Columbus police officer who shot and killed 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant last year has been cleared of any criminal wrongdoing, Ohio prosecutors announced Friday.

Bryant was killed in April by Columbus police officer Nicholas Reardon as she swung a knife at a young woman, just seconds after pushing another woman to the ground. Bryant was Black and Reardon is white. Police were responding to a 911 call made from Bryant’s foster home about a group of girls threatening to stab members of the household.

The killing led to a Justice Department review of the police department in Ohio’s capital city.


In announcing the grand jury decision, special prosecutors Tim Merkle and Gary Shroyer noted, “Under Ohio law the use of deadly force by a police officer is justified when there exists an immediate or imminent threat of death or serious bodily injury to the officer or another.” They said the decision followed a full review of the shooting.

The woman Bryant was attacking, Shai-onta Craig, had formerly lived at the home but had returned and argued with her that day, according to Craig’s statement to police released Friday.


Officer Reardon saved a life. He’s a hero. 

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