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AP Photo/Seth Wenig

American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten is terrible at her job. No, I mean abjectly awful. The only good thing is that with the whole critical race theory garbage that’s being tossed around by the Left as true history, everyone who didn’t see teachers’ unions as political agents—now do so with immense clarity. Weingarten says CRT isn’t being taught in schools. That’s false. She also said she was working to reopen schools. That’s also false. We’ll get to that in a second, but worst of all—if you’re pro-union—is that she made the case for school choice. 


“Your demography does not decide your destiny. Your zip code shouldn’t determine whether or not you have resources and a quality education.”

Weingarten tweeted that—but that’s the school choice agenda to a tee. That’s their selling point. It’s also absolutely true. Democrats’ power bases are maintained by keeping underprivileged inner-city kids stupid and poor through their shoddy instruction. In the end, it’s all about their contracts that see guaranteed pay raises that don’t consider inflation and Cadillac health care benefits. It must be nice to only work nine months out of the year. 

Weingarten is also being called out for her shameless gaslighting on schools reopening. We’ve known it’s been safe to reopen schools for months. Teachers’ unions stood in the way of kids getting back into the classroom, even calling parents selfish for pushing for an end to their vacations, which have gone on for over a year now. Yes, compared to first responders and health care workers, these teachers aren’t heroes. They’re not the most stressed. Give me a break. These brands of teachers were lazy. Period. And online instruction hasn’t worked. We have kids who are killing themselves and mental health issues skyrocketing but blame the parents for wanting to have their kids get back into school after the science said it was safe to do so. Time to get back to work, children. And by that, I mean the teachers’ unions. And Randi, you were one of the worst culprits of all, Ms. Lockdown (via NY Post):


The Washington Post ran an adoring interview with Weingarten, the latest in a string of carefully placed pieces in friendly outlets aimed at fixing her shattered reputation. Here she is “taking a strong stand”; there she is calling “for reopening all classrooms next year.”

It’s gaslighting, and the record must be set straight.

Last September, as schools across the country were trying to open, Weingarten could be counted on to oppose any such move. “If community spread is too high .?.?. if you don’t have the ­infrastructure of testing, and if you don’t have the safeguards that prevent the spread of viruses in the school, we believe that you cannot reopen in person,” Weingarten said.

It was nonsense. Other countries had long opened their schools by that point, and we had real-world models for making in-person school work. Schools in Europe had opened without masking, without social distancing and with no “infrastructure of testing.” 

The Europeans put kids first, resting safe on (scientific) evidence that kids are at minuscule risk from the virus and spread it at a much lower rate than do adults. Weingarten was determined to put kids last.

In February, when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was finally going to issue guidance urging full reopening of ­in-person schooling, the AFT successfully lobbied for language that kept schools closed.

Oh yeah, there are emails to back up the AFT-CDC collusion plot. She’s a bad gaslighter. A bad public relations person. A bad messenger. Where did she get her education again? 


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