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AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

It's over. It's finally over. The next mayor of New York City is going to be a black former police officer, which is the seat of irony given the Democratic Party's violent shift toward being pro-crime and anti-police. 


Eric Adams didn't have the social media reach as other candidates, like Andrew Yang, but he did highlight public safety at a time when the Big Apple is seeing a crime spike. People are being shot in Times Square. Liberals like to point out that it's not nearly as bad as the 1980s and early 1990s to make their shoddy point that the spike is being overblown. So, we must wait until there are nearly 2,000 homicides to sound the alarm bells? That's what the butcher's bill was in NYC back in 1993 before Giuliani was elected to clean up the mess. Three words, liberals: broken windows theory. You have to pinch it off before it begins. Stop-and-frisk was not a bad policy. And please bring back the plainclothes anti-crime unit. 

Adams' primary win comes after outgoing Mayor Bill de Blasio announced he was going to cut the NYPD's budget by $1 billion last summer. The people decided to respond by nominating a black ex-cop to lead the city after him. When crime spikes, it doesn't matter what's going on; New Yorkers want law and order. Forget progressive agendas—more security is the war cry. 

Mr. Adams has pretty much won the race already. This was the biggest hurdle. The city isn't going to elect a Republican for a long time, but at least this guy doesn't sound like a communist like Billy de Blasio. He is not as gung-ho about school choice, but at least we have a mayor who might be a whole lot better at getting the city back in order. Of course, I wish another Rudy or Bloomberg* would emerge. That's not the case here.  


For progressives, some publications have already taken to attacking Adams, notably because he's someone who will probably be a roadblock to a total socialist agenda in the city. Well, elections have consequences, guys. It cuts both ways as well. The primary, which was held on June 22, was thrown into turmoil when it was discovered that some 130,000 practice ballots were not removed from the machines when the votes were being tabulated. It was a total circus, one that many knew already but never got much attention since there hadn't been a close race in the city in years. Now, Adams has emerged victorious over Kathryn Garcia. 


*Yes, Bloomberg is awful on gun control, but as mayor, he was pro-law and order, pro-school choice, and brought billions into the city. I'd take that over a de Blasio or Dinkins-like candidate any day of the week. 

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