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AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

Did you know about the COVID Delta variant? Do you even really care? I sure as hell don’t. COVID variants were always going to be something to deal with—and we are. We have three vaccines all of which are effective against the variants. It’s more transmissible. Ok? Is it deadlier or does it make you sicker? No. So, why are we panicking? No, scratch that—why is liberal America panicking? It’s because these are the same clowns who still refuse to admit that we were lied to about COVID. It was a political show from the start. Store-bought masks don’t work. Mask-wearing post-vaccination is not necessary. And airplanes are not sources of super spread, but you still need to wear a mask because of…respect? Whatever happened to following the science? 


You follow it until it no longer supports your politically-motivated narratives. You follow it until the facts start to shred your lockdown agenda. And after all else has failed, scream into the wind, against those who have returned to their normal lives because COVID is over. You might not like it, but it’s over. Enter Wajahat Ali, a New York Times contributor, who took to Twitter to remind us that there’s still a pandemic going on and that he feels like he’s in a horror movie. Yeah, the pandemic is over, man. 


“I feel America has forgotten we're still in the middle of a pandemic that has killed more than 600,000 people, and there's a deadly Delta Plus strain, and our kids are still not vaccinated. Sigh,” he wrote. “I see packed restaurants and people inside stores and malls and their kids aren't wearing masks. I feel I'm in a horror movie.”

Kids generally don’t get it or spread it. Their risk was already low and it’s even lower now that tens of millions of Americans have been vaccinated. The risk is so low that news outlets, like Axios, are ditching their weekly COVID maps. People are getting back to their lives, dude. We’re vaccinated and unafraid and if you can’t deal with that, stay at home. The lockdown era is over. COVID is over. And we’re not going back to listening to lying Fauci. You can. You can certainly live your life that way, but you’re not stopping the rest of us. Sorry. 


The sick part is that Ali’s rant is very much the mindset of liberal America, the mainstream media at the very least

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