Trump Jr. Responds to Biden Falling Down With a Funny (and Edited) Video Featuring His Dad

Posted: Mar 20, 2021 3:45 AM

It has not been a good week for the Biden White House. The border crisis is spiraling out of control. The detention centers are over capacity. COVID-positive migrants are being released into the border towns. His foreign policy team got rolled on American soil in their first big meeting with China—and now President Depends fell down some stairs boarding Air Force One. It harkens back memories of President Gerald Ford stumbling all over the place, which was immortalized by Chevy Chase on Saturday Night Live. The presidency is supposed to exhibit strength, and falling down isn’t one of them. Jimmy Carter was gassed running a marathon in 1979 and had to be assisted by his Secret Service detail. There were photos. It reinforced the image of a weakened America, especially during the Iran hostage crisis.

This ‘help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up’ moment does circle back to Joe’s capacity to do the job. And it does allow us to take swipes at the liberal media for their gross speculation about Trump’s health during his presidency. Biden is seen here taking a tumble and CNN and others put on their tin foils hats over…Trump walking slowly:

Yeah, sorry—we’re going to enjoy slapping Joe around on this one, and Donald Trump Jr. did so in the best way he can by posting an edited video of Biden being hit by his father with a golf ball. Enjoy:

Oh, and Biden's people blamed the stumble on...the wind. I think it has more to do with Biden being an old man, and this is what old people do. They fall.

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