How COVID, Masks, and Disinfectant Got a Florida Teacher Slapped With Child Abuse Charges

Posted: Jan 11, 2021 6:00 AM
How COVID, Masks, and Disinfectant Got a Florida Teacher Slapped With Child Abuse Charges

Source: AP Photo/LM Otero

Florida. It’s the state that keeps on giving concerning crazy people ending up in the news. It’s a real gem of a state. I mean that sincerely. I like Florida a lot. But when it comes to COVID and mask-wearing, one teacher in Pinellas County took things a bit too far. The state has pretty much re-opened. That might make some people more uneasy. Whatever the case, what this teacher did to a few students who weren’t wearing their masks properly got her arrested and slapped with child abuse charges. Someone should tell this person that in this country, spraying disinfectant on someone else’s face is dangerous, illegal, and potentially lethal. It’s an assault (via The Blaze):

According to the Largo Police Department, Reszetar became aggressive because four students refused to wear their face masks properly in the classroom. Reszetar, an Exceptional Student Education math teacher, allegedly sprayed aerosol disinfectant into the faces and bodies of the students. 

Reszetar was escorted from the Largo High School, located in a suburb of Tampa, and booked into the Pinellas County jail on Wednesday. She was charged with four counts of felony child abuse with great bodily harm.


"I think I can fairly characterize this as a severely misguided attempt at discipline," the judge said in court…

The incident was reportedly captured on surveillance video, but police have not released a copy of the footage. Reszetar said in court that the video would show the allegations are not true.


Reszetar was released from Pinellas County Jail on Thursday night on her own recognizance. Since the teacher had no serious prior record, the judge released her from jail without bond. A Pinellas County School District spokeswoman said Reszetar is still employed with the school district.

The Blaze added that Reszatar told the judge she couldn’t afford a lawyer on her salary.  She was released from county jail without bond due to no prior criminal record. 

Everyone needs to relax. If anything over the past three years has shown us that the media is terrible at their jobs, they will highlight the rarest of COVID incidents to drive panic, and in the end—the information will be wrong. We were told not to wear masks, and then said it was mandatory to wear them. Also, it helps stop the spread, only to have that claim blown up by a new study from Denmark. Also, California has had 1 million new COVID cases in six weeks. If it weren’t for California, national COVID cases would be decreasing. The point is the state has a mandatory mask ordinance with near-universal compliance. Masks don’t appear to be working, and this was The New York Times that reported on the story

Surface touching doesn’t appear to be a main source of transmission either. In New York, a state hit hard by COVID, bars and restaurants contributed to just 1.4 percent of COVID spread. What about the gym, hair salons, and barbershops? They contributed to a whopping 1 percent. They’re all low-risk areas, but also the businesses being crushed by the boot of the state with the lockdown regimes. 

Schools, where this Lysol incident occurred, are not sources of so-called super spread. Kids don’t get it and they don’t spread it. They’re low risk. How do we know this? They’re not in the first wave of vaccinations. For those who are still queasy about re-opening schools, push for kids to get vaccinated first. That won’t happen. Why? Because kids are a low-risk group. You’re seeing this merry-go-round of idiocy, right? And now COVID panic slapped her with child abuse charges. I blame the media for shoveling this nonstop for a year now. I’ll also say that for a medical expert community that has oftentimes acted more like Democratic operatives; this is where the pediatricians sere right from the start: it is safe to re-open schools. 

It’s the teacher’s unions who are gumming up the works. It’s almost as if these public-sector unions are extensions of the national Democratic Party. Oh right, they are—and they rather not work and prevent kids from getting an education. 

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