We Know What It Will Take for Trump to Concede the 2020 Race to Joe Biden

Posted: Nov 27, 2020 1:15 PM
We Know What It Will Take for Trump to Concede the 2020 Race to Joe Biden

Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

A winner is going to be declared one way or another. I wish it wasn’t like this, but you’ll never going to convince me the Joe Biden won this race without a ton of voter fraud. The question is can we prove it. The allies of the Trump campaign have struggled to make their case. No judge is going to just toss out ballots. So far, the legal front has been a spectacle, and not in a good way. The Trump campaign did score a big win in Nevada where they will be able to present their findings. We’ll see what turns up at the December 3 hearing. Yet, what if all else fails. Well, in a presser yesterday, the president offered the conditions of his surrender to Joe Biden. It’s no shock what will cause Trump to leave the Oval Office (via the Hill):

President Trump on Thursday said he would leave the White House on Jan. 20 if the Electoral College declares President-elect Joe Biden the winner of the election, but indicated he was not prepared to concede defeat.

"Certainly I will. And you know that,” said Trump when asked if he would leave the White House if the Electoral College voted for Biden.

He added, “If they do, they made a mistake.”

“It’s going to be a very hard thing to concede,” Trump told reporters during a press call on Thursday. 


“We’re going to have to see what happens, you know, but I’ve been complaining very strongly about the ballots. The ballots are a disaster," he said in September.

He’s not giving up. The Nevada case, if argued successfully, could lead to a domino effect in other states. We’ll just have to see. As with anything relating to President Trump, never count him out just yet. Still, as of now, Joe Biden is on track to win the election, barring a bombshell ruling in December. He’s already making his picks for his administration. Hail Mary territory isn’t good, but there’s still a chance. Eli Manning connected with Hakeem Nicks in the endzone before halftime in the 2011 NFC Divisional game against the Packers, which can now be seen as the moment where the Giants delivered the gut punch to Green Bay. The momentum swung in New York’s favor decidedly after that throw, ending with Big Blue winning the game in a 37-20 rout of the then-defending Super Bowl champions. Recently, Kyler Murray connected with Deandre Hopkins in a hail Mary toss to beat the Buffalo Bills. 

If Biden does win, Trump can simply run again in four years. He has already said he’d do it, or at the very least toss that idea around. He’d win the 2024 primaries the moment he made it official. Period. The GOP is his party now, and there is no way we’re reverting back to the squishy days of the McCain-Romney-Ryan era. Down ticket, there was plenty of good results, enough to keep the Democrats from peddling the most insane action items. And if we win the Georgia runoffs, Biden’s presidency is severely handicapped. We tread water for two years, and if history repeats itself, we should have a good midterm year. After that, we await the return of Donald Trump. Mike Pence probably won’t be up for this Grover Cleveland comeback, but maybe Nikki Haley could be up for a 2024 run. Vice President Nikki Haley sounds pretty good. From there, her options are endless. 

Haley 2028? 

But first, let’s see how the latest round of legal challenges go.

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