Yeah, There Was Something Funny About Portland's Mayor Demanding a 'Ceasefire' with Federal Agents

Posted: Jul 29, 2020 12:45 PM
Yeah, There Was Something Funny About Portland's Mayor Demanding a 'Ceasefire' with Federal Agents

Source: AP Photo/Noah Berger

UPDATE: So, reports of a de-escalation appear to be fake news. Gov. Kate Brown smeared federal agents, saying their deployment caused violence and they acted like an occupying force. Grow up, lady. The city is an absolute mess, thanks to these unhinged left-wing rioters that you people coddle.

And no, the federal agents are not leaving. Sorry.

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I mean, is this guy serious? After being trashed by the rioters, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler wants a "ceasefire" with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Rose City has been a disaster. We have far left rioters besieging federal buildings, assaulting federal agents with lasers—some of whom have suffered permanent eye damage—throwing IEDs, setting buildings on fire, and hurling acid and kerosene balloons as well. Oh, and some of these rioters are carrying chainsaws—a classic sign that these are indeed peaceful protests, right? My eyes cannot roll any harder.

It's mayhem. It's "woke" governance. It's proof that Democrats cannot run things or even enforce the law when necessary. They've caved to the mob because they want this destruction to keep going. They're just itching for some incident to occur with federal agents to be weaponized against the Trump White House. It's disgusting.

Federal agents are being deployed in Democrat-run cities as lawlessness has increased. They will maintain law and order and protect federal buildings. This policy was really set into motion last fall, but COVID prevented full deployment, which Attorney General William Barr noted in yesterday's House Judiciary Committee hearing, which House Democrats turned into a circus.

These protests, riots, or whatever you want to call them that started after the officer-involved death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25 are no longer about Black Lives Matter, police brutality, or racial justice. It's about the Marxist revolution. What we're seeing from the Left Coast mayhem is that the far Left has stuck around, mobilized, and are ready to rumble with the federal government. Let them—it'll end poorly.

And now, Wheeler wants a ceasefire? Is this a joke? Also, is he saying that his city has been engulfed by violent left-wing revolutionaries, as some on Twitter have noted? Yes, Twitchy caught the funny tweet from the mayor, who just days before had refused to meet with the DHS. Again, another classic sign that these people don't know what they're doing. We're dealing with the kids' table of governance here. It's time for the adults to step in and restore law and order. And rule number one is you don't negotiate with the terrorists. Antifa is unhinged. The far Left is insane and violent. There's no talking to these people whose explicit goal is to tear down the country, so good luck with these negotiations…which are never going to happen.

To the federal agents on the frontlines, be safe and happy hunting. Get these creeps.

Also, be sure to follow our own Julio Rosas who is in Portland right now covering the riots.

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