Dem Senator Trashed by Tucker Carlson Whips Out Very Familiar Attack Line Against Him

Posted: Jul 24, 2020 10:30 AM
Dem Senator Trashed by Tucker Carlson Whips Out Very Familiar Attack Line Against Him

Source: AP Photo/Richard Drew

Sen. Tammy Duckworth finally went there responding to the harsh criticism that’s been hurled at her by Fox News’s Tucker Carlson. Duckworth left the door open for a debate about tearing down the statues of our Founding Fathers, which is beyond ridiculous. It’s also even more troubling, given that Duckworth is a Daughter of the American Revolution. I mean, I’ll give it to her, she fights back—but she’s still an idiot on the issue (via CBS News):

Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth harshly criticized Tucker Carlson and the Trump campaign in a Thursday op-ed, writing that she won't be deterred by "self-serving, insecure men who can't tell the difference between true patriotism and hateful nationalism." Duckworth's comments come after Carlson and Mr. Trump attacked her for saying there should be a "national dialogue" about potentially removing statues of George Washington. 

After Duckworth called for "national dialogue" about the statues' removal on CNN on Sunday, Carlson accused her of hating America. The Trump campaign also released a statement, accusing her of using her military service to "deflect from her support for the left-wing campaign to villainize America's founding."


During his show on Monday, Carlson questioned Duckworth's patriotism and called the senator a "deeply silly and unimpressive person" for her comments. A day later, Carlson called Duckworth and Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar "vandals."

"We have every right to fight to preserve our nation, and our heritage and our culture," Carlson said on his show Tuesday night. "And when vandals like Tammy Duckworth and Ilhan Omar tell us that we're not allowed to question their patriotism, even as they scream about how horrible America is, we have every right to laugh in their faces."

Duckworth fired back in the op-ed, writing that she would risk her life to defend every American's opinion of Washington's "flawed history."

"What some on the other side don't seem to understand is that we can honor our founders while acknowledging their serious faults, including the undeniable fact that many of them enslaved Black Americans," Duckworth wrote.

Lady, we all know about our Founding Fathers being slave owners. We don’t care. Was it bad? Yeah, but what are we going to do? Hop into a time machine and say, “black lives matter.” That’s the funny part about this bit is that Duckworth seems to think we’re the ones who are historically illiterate when it’s her side that pervasively fails to grasp history at every turn. Also, who has denied that they ever owned slaves? They still founded America based on the ideals of the Enlightenment, a nation founded based on God-given rights, not kings or around a certain ethnic group. 

‘DiD YoU KnoW tHe FoUnDerS wEre SlaVe OwNeRs’? 

Yeah, I learned that back in grade school. Oh, and now she says that Tucker’s attack was because she’s Asian. It never ends with liberals. You call them out on their positions which are increasingly illiberal and it’s never shocking when they pull out the race or gender card to shut down the debate. Well, some might walk away. I’ll just tell Tammy she now looks like a bigger idiot than before this whole kerfuffle with Carlson (via Washington Examiner):

“I want to ask you, turning now to something else that has happened since we last spoke, about the attacks on you by Fox News host Tucker Carlson,” host Brianna Keilar asked Duckworth.


Keilar then asked if she believes Carlson made the comments because Duckworth could be chosen as presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s running mate.

“I think he singled me out because I’m Asian American and I look different. Asian Americans have always been the other in our society,” she said.

She added, “He doesn’t want America to be as diverse as it should be. In fact, he used I think 10 words of the white supremacy statement on that. So, this is what they do. They go after your strength.”

Hey, I’m Asian-American—and I find this to be mind-numbingly stupid, Tammy. White supremacy? Tucker? He bashes you, rightfully, for suggesting that statues to the Founding Fathers, like George Washington, should be torn down and he’s the issue here. No. Washington statues shouldn’t come down ever, neither should any statue. Yes, including the Confederate ones because they’re also part of American history. For the folks in the back, this was never about Confederates. It was all leading to what Carlson and Duckworth are fighting about: American history and the Left’s lust to erase it and rewrite it through the ‘woke’ paradigm. We weren’t founded on the ideals of the Enlightenment, it was white supremacy and America’s funding is really, really bad because it led to the British to colonize India. Yeah, someone actually wrote that garbage in The Washington Post on Independence Day. Anyone who offers credence or respect to people who want to destroy this country from within are idiots. They should be called out. And no, it’s not out of racism. No one has suggested that all of American history is good. there are very, very tragic and violent eras, some lasting decades. But erasing it doesn’t solve racism. Not talking about it, and canceling people who do, only makes you an intolerant and insecure clown, which is the Left. Please spare us history lessons, kids. You don’t know jack about it. and I wouldn’t riot anymore either. Federal agents will find you and round you up—as they should. Grow up. All of you, especially Tammy Duckworth.