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The One Democrat Who Is Scaring Ann Coulter...And It's Not Bernie Sanders

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

The South Carolina Democratic debate is over. Sen. Bernie Sanders was put in the crosshairs, there were some tussles between Biden and Tom Steyer. Warren and Bloomberg threw some jabs at one another, and then, like with most old people, they got tired and the last half hour or so was pretty boring. It was still a long slog for this 2020 Democratic crop. The crowded field could be whittled down immensely, especially if Bernie has a good night on Super Tuesday. It’s possible that he obtains a delegate count that is insurmountable, as is campaign has invested heavily in Latino outreach, hired a top operative, Chuck Rocha, to lead the effort, and what you got is a candidate who has established a solid beachhead with this key voter bloc. Look at Texas and California, the two big enchiladas when it comes to delegates, and one where Sanders is doing pretty well with Latinos. Yet, there is one Democrat that noted conservative commentator Ann Coulter is afraid of and it’s not Sanders; it’s Elizabeth Warren. 


“Sen. Warren has convinced me that Bernie isn't that worrisome.  He'll never get anything done,” Coulter tweeted. “SHE'S the freak who will show up with 17 idiotic plans every day and keep everyone up until it gets done.”


Frankly, both scare me. They’re both left-wingers with terrible policies. Both support a health care agenda that will gut 150 million private health care plans. Both support some sort of college debt forgiveness nonsense. Yet, Warren can’t seem to get a winning coalition together. She has yet to win a primary contest. So far, Bernie could be forming Obama coalition 2.0 with union workers, young people, and Latinos. All groups under 45 flocked to him in the Nevada caucuses. This is a coalition that conservatives have lost twice to in past elections. How Bernie does with working-class voters remains to be seen but if it’s 36 percent or higher, not great but good enough, then we have some work ahead of us. For now, progressives on Twitter are taking Coulter’s tweet as a quasi-endorsement. Liz “the freak” Warren is the one to fear, according to Coulter. We’ll see. 



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