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AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

Sen. Bernie Sanders may be the frontrunner, but he isn’t being treated like it, at least not on MSNBC. The liberal network is pretty much an arm for the Democratic National Committee. The sole purpose of MSDNC is to make sure liberal America’s blood pressure remains at healthy levels. And they’re not too keen with some Vermont democratic socialist mucking up the game. The Sanders campaign has reportedly had it with MSNBC’s coverage of their guy. He is dismissed, mocked, and attacked pervasively on the network. 


Sanders’ campaign is made up of former journalists and lefty media watchdog folks; they know where to spot the bias and they’re letting the network have it. It’s got to the point where they concede that Fox News, the antichrist network to the Left, is fairer than MSNBC in their coverage. Vanity Fair has more, but they noted, and rightfully so, that the Bernie Sanders folk are going to be ready to clip any instance of bias against Bernie tomorrow. The Nevada Democratic debate is hosted by MSNBC. 

The Bernie camp was quick to get “CNN is garbage” trending for their nakedly coordinated attack on Sanders with the help of the Elizabeth Warren campaign that tried to smear the Vermont senator as a sexist (via Vanity Fair):

 Faiz Shakir had seen enough. As summer turned to fall, and the 2020 Democratic presidential race entered the stretch run before the first caucuses and primaries, Shakir, who manages Bernie Sanders’s campaign, approached MSNBC president Phil Griffin to discuss his concerns with the network’s treatment of the Vermont senator’s second White House bid. “We watched a ton of terrible coverage occurring and we thought we’d at least try to address it,” he recalled.

For months, the campaign bristled at slights from MSNBC’s stable of hosts and commentators. Jason Johnson, an MSNBC contributor, predicted in January 2019 that Sanders would drop out by August, and network analyst Mimi Rocah said in July that Sanders made her “skin crawl.” On-screen graphics have omitted Sanders and misrepresented his poll numbers, a trend that inspired a sendup from the Onion.

“It’s been a struggle to change the tone and the tenor of the coverage that we receive,” Shakir said in an interview.


Sanders’s legion of very online supporters are quick to share clips and gripes after any perceived slight against Sanders. The anti-Bernie highlight reel grew in recent weeks, with some moments verging on parody. Joy Reid hosted a body-language expert who said Sanders’s posture revealed that he was “lying” about a recent dispute with Elizabeth Warren. Chris Matthews’s appearances, meanwhile, have become appointment viewing for his anguished warnings about Sanders. On the day of the Iowa caucuses, a glum Matthews invoked the ghost of George McGovern in forecasting a wipeout for Sanders in the general election.


Shakir credited CNN for making “efforts to try and diversify their voices,” citing the network’s hire of Alexandra Rojas, the executive director of the progressive organization Justice Democrats and a veteran of the 2016 Sanders campaign. Even Fox News has been “more fair than MSNBC,” according to Shakir. “That’s saying something,” he said. “Fox is often yelling about Bernie Sanders’s socialism, but they’re still giving our campaign the opportunity to make our case in a fair manner, unlike MSNBC, which has credibility with the left and is constantly undermining the Bernie Sanders campaign.”


Yet, this is expected as a Sanders supporter. You’re for the revolution. You’re for a full transformation of the country, its politics, its ethics, and its whole worldview. You know you’re going to run into enemies both on the other side of the political spectrum and within. So, for these folks, who are jacked and ready to go, like Trump supporters, they’re going to carry on the fight. And MSNBC, you folks are going to have to get used to the fact that Bernie Sanders might be the 2020 nominee because I think he’s going to do well in Nevada on Saturday. 

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