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It’s early. Way too early to discuss polling in any serious measure, especially in the absence of a Democratic nominee, but the liberal media loves to trot out their trash polls about the president’s approval ratings and support for impeachment in what could be argued as a prolonged campaign to demoralize the GOP base. It won’t. If anything, how the liberal media has behaved over the past three years has only become one massive in-kind contribution to Trump’s re-elect as everyone sees through their bias, lies, and gross incompetence. How many times were we told about Russian collusion? It was a myth. How many times have we heard the ‘walls are closing in’ on this presidency? They’re not.  There’s a reason why the media is distrusted. There’s a reason why ‘CNN sucks’ remains a popular chant. The inability for the media to cover this White House accurately has reached epic proportions and frankly, it’s to the point where it’s no longer digesting information. We're tuning into these networks to get a good laugh and gauge how Trump Derangement Syndrome has engulfed the Left. The reality is that there is good news emanating from this administration.


Job creation is solid with over three million jobs created. Paychecks are larger. Consumer and small business confidence have reached their highest marks in years. The economy is booming. And if the recent Democratic debate showed you anything, it’s that the economic growth we’re seeing would be torpedoed. The Democrats want to give health care to illegals, promote open borders, bash cops, increase taxes, force everyone on government health care, coupled with massive tax increases, confiscate guns, and permit abortion up until the moment of birth on the taxpayer dime. Yeah, it’s a debate between freedom and slavery—and the Left argues the latter as some great alternative to Trump. Oh, and Medicare for All, which is what Democrats now endorse, would cannibalize all private health insurance plans. That’s around 150 million plans. So, for all the conniption fits about the GOP taking away people’s health care, well—the Democrats are the ones actually proposing that this year and thinking it’s a popular and economically sound policy.  So, would it shock you, given the left-wing Democratic agenda that will thrust economic destitution upon many, that we have a 2020 projection where Trump wins re-election handily (via The Hill):

President Trump appears likely to win reelection next year, according to three different economic models Moody’s Analytics uses to measure presidential contests.

Moody’s modeling, which has only missed on one presidential election since 1980, found that Trump, who won by a 304-227 margin in the Electoral College in 2016, could easily surpass those results in 2020.

I guess we should serve this piping hot cup of shut the hell up concerning the 2020 projection by pollster Mark Zandi. Spoiler: it’s very bad for Democrats. 

The three different models showed Trump winning either 289, 332 or 351 votes in the Electoral College over his eventual opponent. The projections are based on how consumers feel about their financial situations, stock market gains achieved under Trump and the prospects for unemployment. 

“If the economy a year from now is the same as it is today, or roughly so, then the power of incumbency is strong and Trump’s election odds are very good, particularly if Democrats aren’t enthusiastic and don’t get out to vote,” Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics and co-author of the paper, told CNBC. “It’s about turnout.” 

Of the three models, Trump performs best under the “pocketbook” measure, which gauges how people feel about their finances.


So, yeah—this is a piping hot cup of shut the hell up that should be served to the Left. your agenda sucks. The voters know it. you have no slid frontrunner who can beat Trump right now. Elizabeth Warren cannot answer a simple question about the impact her forced Medicare plan will have on taxes and the middle class. That’s because everyone knows taxes will go up and the middle class will be torched by this policy. Bernie Sanders just had a heart attack. And Joe Biden is dealing with the fallout from his son’s alleged unethical business deal in Ukraine, along with forgetting where he is half the time and babbling incoherent nonsense on the debate stage. With a solid economy, a far-left agenda, and a weak Democratic candidate who will be shredded by the Trump campaign’s excellent attack machine—I can see a landslide coming. 

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