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AP Photo/Susan Walsh

If you want a perfect example of how the ‘orange man…bad’ ethos has infected the minds of the Left, look no further than Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). In April, she wanted U.S. troops out of Syria. Yet, something odd happened in October, President Trump agreed. With the announcement, Turkey wasted no time launching an offensive into northern Syria against the Kurds, which has caused much heartburn among many in the foreign policy pundit-sphere. There are legitimate concerns, mostly centered on the scores of captured ISIS fighters that could be released in the ensuing military campaign. But those concerns will be lost because the Democratic Party, who is in the midst of an impeachment frenzy, will use everything and anything to attack this presidency, even flip-flopping as in the case with AOC (via Daily Wire):


Back in April, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joined several other lawmakers to blast President Trump for keeping U.S. troops in Syria.

“The 2015 introduction of U.S. military forces into hostilities in Syria was never approved by Congress, in violation of the Constitution and the War Powers Resolution of 1973,” says the letter, signed by a bipartisan group of lawmakers, including Republican Sens. Mike Lee and Rand Paul and freshman Democratic Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar. “We believe that the stated intention of withdrawing our forces is appropriate, and we look forward to the orderly return of our service members from this theater of conflict.”


But NOW, Ocasio-Cortez thinks America ought to stay in Syria.

“Trump’s sudden withdrawal from northern Syria & endorsement of Turkey’s actions could have catastrophic consequences & risks laying the ground for immense violence and suffering,” she wrote Tuesday in Twitter.


When she was running for Congress in 2018, she vowed to work to end U.S. involvement in not just Syria, but across the Middle East. 


Yeah, Trump Derangement Syndrome can cause liberals to have rapid changes in policy positions. 


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