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AP Photo/Evan Vucci

It’s no shocker that President Trump is on the way to a second term if this keeps up. Democrats are embracing immensely unpopular policy positions on health care and immigration. It’s a full-blown clown show. Democrats want open borders. Sorry, when you push decriminalizing border crossings and giving health care to illegal aliens, that’s open borders and something that a supermajority of Americans oppose. They also oppose Medicare for All if it replaces private insurance, which it will. There’s no getting around that either. Hundreds of millions of plans will be gutted. The debate on the Left is whether to do it now or later. Oh, and this will lead to the mother of all tax increases for the middle class. These two points are the core of the 2020 Democratic agenda. 


Yet, it was the unprecedented Obama bashing that occurred during CNN’s second debate that was really surprising. The most popular Democrat in recent memory was being torched. A far left-wing agenda, plus this—it’s no wonder why some in the Democratic Party running for president realize that Trump is going to win if they keep this up. One was Montana Gov. Steve Bullock (via The Hill

Democratic presidential hopeful Steve Bullock warned Wednesday that intraparty rifts within the crowded primary field threaten to undermine the party’s larger ambitions of defeating President Trump in 2020.

Speaking at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., the Montana governor recalled the explosive clashes between centrists and progressives that erupted during the second round of Democratic primary debates in Detroit last week.

“As I stood on that debate stage last week and then listened to that next night, I saw [Trump’s] reelection becoming more likely with each passing minute,” Bullock said.

“Let me put it plainly: We cannot defeat Donald Trump’s politics of personal destruction if we practice the politics of self-destruction,” he added. “The fact is, we are well on our way to losing this election long before it ever really even is started.”


Bullock will not be the 2020 Democratic nominee. It’s not happening, as he’s pretty much at the bottom of the opinion polls, but that doesn’t mean his warnings aren’t serious. Also, please Democrats—keep attacking one another and trashing Obama. 

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