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Trump Pollster Makes Prediction On Who Will Lead the 2020 Democratic Field By Autumn

AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty

Well, we may all dismiss Lie-a-Watha Liz, but some of President Trump’s number crunchers are saying just wait until Fall. Former Vice President Joe Biden refusing to apologize for his creepy behavior towards women and pretty much reversing every position he held to placate the party’s progressive base that’s become increasingly more unhinged by the cycle. And keep in mind; Biden’s past positions were not conservative in the slightest. While Biden is at the top of the 2020 Democratic clown show, Trump’s pollsters are saying that Liz Warren, the fake Native American, will lead the field in the coming months (via Politico):


GOP strategist Ward Baker on Thursday commented on a video of Biden refusing to apologize for comments touting his past ability to work with segregationist senators to get things done in the chamber. "By October he will be #3 in polls," he tweeted. "Just give it time."

"Agreed," Trump pollster Tony Fabrizio responded, tagging Warren in the tweet, "and @ewarren will be leading."

The former vice president has led in nearly every primary poll since jumping into the race this spring. But Biden’s support may be facing its first real test, as his opponents have seized on a number of stumbles by the former veep after the segregationist comments and his recent reversal on public funding for abortion.

That’s mixed news for Fabrizio and Trump — internal polling conducted by Trump’s campaign several months ago found Biden leading the president in head-to-head matchups in several key states, and public polls in critical states have signaled danger for the president as well. While the campaign let several pollsters go after the internal numbers leaked, Fabrizio was not included in the purge.

But the campaign has recently begun to focus its efforts on Warren as well, conceding that there’s much about the Massachusetts senator that could cut into Trump’s populist message, and that her discipline as a candidate could be a major boon to her chances.


So, Warren is poised to start collecting scalps among her Democratic colleagues. We’ll see. The first debates are tonight and tomorrow. Will Liz throw the tomahawk effectively at her opponents or will there be a trail of tears…into presidential loser land? The fireworks begin at 9 P.M. EST.

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