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Beyond Parody: LGBT Magazine Says It's 'Racist' For Trump To Demand Iran Stop Killing Gay People

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If you’d like yet another example that Trump Derangement Syndrome is real, look no further than Out Magazine, who slammed the Trump White House for their initiative to combat homophobia worldwide. Yes, a gay magazine is troubled that the U.S. and other western nations are condemning nations with egregious laws criminalizing homosexuality. Why? Well, it’s racist, or something. Brittany Hughes of MRCTV has more


Out Magazine, a pro-LGBT news publication that doubles as a gay advocacy platform, actually published a piece Wednesday claiming that it’s – stay with me here – “racist” for the Trump administration to pressure nations like Iran to decriminalize homosexuality.

I’ll restate, for the record: an openly pro-gay magazine is calling Donald Trump racist for trying to get regimes that jail and kill people for being gay to stop jailing and killing people for being gay.

Again, you can’t make this stuff up, so I’ll let Out’s Matthew Rodriguez do the talking for me. In his article, entitled, “Trump’s Plan to Decriminalize Homosexuality Is an Old Racist Tactic,” Rodriguez states…


The initiative Rodriguez is referring to is a newly announced plan spearheaded by U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell (who's openly gay) to gather Western world leaders in denouncing dozens of nations including Iran for laws that criminalize or even carry the death penalty for being gay. By pressing the issue, experts have noted that Trump runs the risk of straining otherwise positive U.S. relations with certain nations like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates.


What a time to be alive. We have gay publications saying its racist to combat laws that criminalize homosexuality and actors so upset during the Trump era that they stage fake hate crimes in an effort to boost their careers, banking solely on the atmosphere created by the liberal media to give them credibility. Fortunately, law enforcement still relies on evidence and fact gathering, which is why Jussie Smollett, the actor on the series “Empire,” was indicted for filing a false police report. He alleged on January 29, that two white men attacked him, poured bleach on him, and put rope around his neck. Yeah, it was actually two Nigerian brothers who he knew who committed the fake assault, which he allegedly paid. He also reportedly held rehearsals for how the attack should look. And I don’t think we’ve reached peak Trump insanity yet from the Left.

But back to this article that should’ve been published in The Onion, Rodriguez writes:

There are several signs that this decision is denoted in a colonial sense of paternalism rather than any true altruism. According to the report, the decriminalization campaign is set to begin in Berlin where LGBTQ+ activists from across Europe will meet to hatch a plan that is “mostly concentrated in the Middle East, Africa, and the Caribbean.”

That sentence alone should set off several alarm bells. First of all, the Middle East, Africa, and the Caribbean are huge geopolitical entities. Attitudes toward gay people differ greatly among countries and regions within those entities and attempting to gather a room of European activists on how to deal with queer issues in those regions is the definition of paternalism.


I have never understood the LGBT community’s trying to protect radical Islam. It’s never going to happen…ever. Iran and the rest of the radical Islamic would rather throw gay people off of buildings. You don’t see the Christian Right doing any of that. That’s not to say the latter has bats**t crazy ideas, they do—but it’s nowhere near the level of insanity that’s exhibited by radical Muslims. Not all crazy is equal. And to be against this initiative because of Trump “is the definition” of idiocy. If Obama were behind this, there would be a world-rallying cry to pressure Iran. We all know this. Heck, liberals hated George W. Bush, but saw the value in his program to combat AIDS in Africa that earned him praise from Obama and other Democrats for saving millions of lives. Yet, this is the Left today. All we can do is sit, watch, and let them self-destruct because there is no way liberal women, the gay community, and Muslims can form a long-lasting political coalition. The latter cannot allow it. 

Iran just public hanged men accused of homosexuality, and OUT's view on this is it's racist to condemn this because...Trump. 



Babylon Bee strikes again.

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