Believe All Women Crashes Into Wall: Woman Forced To Apologize After She Falsely Accused Nine-Year-Old Of Sexual Assault

Posted: Oct 15, 2018 2:10 PM

The Supreme Court battle over Judge Brett Kavanaugh was ugly. It was another front for the Me Too movement to wage battle. It was another time for the progressive Left and its feminist wing to wage war against conservative America and for some, the patriarchy. 

‘Believe all women’ is the mantra; no matter what…because apparently, women are incapable of lying. Not the case. Women have lied about being raped. You can read about it herehere, here and here. It happens. Why? Well, we’re human. We’re flawed. And everyone lies. Period.

So, what does the feminist Left have to say about this crazy New York woman who accused a nine-year-old of groping her? It was a circus. She called the police, the kids were crying and screaming, and then the video footage shows that the child’s backpack is what grazed her backside. Alas, “Cornerstone Caroline” was born. Her real name is Teresa Klein. She’s white. The kid, nine-years-old, by the way, that she falsely accused of sexual assault is black.

Oh yes, people are saying there’s a racial motive. I’ll let you debate that among yourselves. What’s more important is how this stuff can get out of control real fast, especially when the evidence is lacking. It shows how “believe all women” is not a smart war cry, and that belief is not evidence. Hence, the importance of due process and the presumption of innocence in all legal matters, right? It’s something that the Left is willing to cannibalize to score political points or even the score against the so-called patriarchy. Believe all women crashed into the wall here—and I’m glad it did. To that nine-year-old kid, well, he deserves much more than this half-a**ed apology from Klein, who now says she can’t walk around without being harassed herself. Welp—there are choices and consequences, especially when you act like a moron, lady (via NYT):

A white woman who called the police after claiming that a young black boy touched her behind in a Brooklyn deli drew a storm of ridicule and criticism on social media, and late on Friday she made a public apology to the child.

Critics characterized the incident as the latest example of a hypersensitive white person calling the police to report black people for dubious reasons. Many detractors imputed racist motives to the woman, Teresa Klein.


“I was just sexually assaulted by a child,” Ms. Klein is heard saying on the video as she said she was on the phone with the police. The boy, who is about 9, and another child burst into tears outside the store as bystanders confronted Ms. Klein about the incident.

“The son grabbed my ass and she decided to yell at me,” Ms. Klein continued in the video, referring to his mother. The video was first reported by The New York Post.


Ms. Klein, 53, returned to the store on Friday afternoon to buy cigarettes and to face her neighbors, who heckled her as she gave her version of events to journalists. Then, prompted by a reporter, Ms. Klein went inside the store and watched a playback of the bodega’s security camera footage from Wednesday evening.

Onlookers crammed inside the bodega’s doorway to watch the screening, their phone cameras pointed toward Ms. Klein. Playing on a ceiling-mounted flat-screen television, the video showed the child turning to someone behind him and his backpack brushing Ms. Klein’s backside as she leaned over the counter.

Speaking into a television reporter’s camera afterward, Ms. Klein made an apology. “Young man,” she said, “I don’t know your name but I’m sorry.”

Still, Ms. Klein denied she acted out of bigotry toward the boy or that she harbored racist feelings. She said she was willing to meet with the mother to talk out their differences, but complained that the mother had reacted aggressively when she said the boy had touched her.

Oh, poor you, Ms. Klein. And kudos to the boy’s mother, she was doing what any good parent would do in the face of insanity: protect their child. 

Full video here by Jason Stovetop Littlejohn:

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