Embarrassing: If Anti-Gun Liberals Want To Ban Scary AR-15 Rifles, They Should At Least Know What They Look Like

Posted: Mar 14, 2018 3:30 PM

The anti-gun Left tried to push expanded background checks and failed. Now, they’re harping on increasing the age limit to buy long guns to 21; it’s 18 in most states. Florida recently passed a law that increased the age limit, with President Trump jostling with increasing the age at the federal level. Of course, this is a gross infringement on Second Amendment rights, but the pro-gun control crowd is pushing it. Why the hell not. They’ve had some legislative success here. 

Yet, the complete ignorance of basic firearms knowledge has led to them stepping on a rake again, with Moms Demand Action’s Shannon Watts tweeting an image of a scary AR-15-style rifle to push for more gun control. The only problem is that it wasn’t an AR-15. It was a .22 caliber bolt-action rifle, which is quite common. We all know that an overwhelming majority of Democrats want to ban semiautomatic firearms, especially these so-called weapons of war. Well, the first step in making that horrible argument is knowing what these firearms look like, and knowing the difference between a bolt-action rifle and one that is semiautomatic—both of which are not scary or unusual, by the way.

It's par for the course. On top of not knowing basic firearms knowledge, the pro-gun control wing of America has decided to call those with whom they have disagreements on this issue terrorists. So, we're not going to bridge the divide any time soon with folks like these--why should we.