Run Away, Claire: McCaskill Refuses To Comment On Local Bank Doling Out Bonuses Thanks To Trump’s Tax Bill

Posted: Jan 05, 2018 12:50 PM
Run Away, Claire: McCaskill Refuses To Comment On Local Bank Doling Out Bonuses Thanks To Trump’s Tax Bill

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) is one of the most vulnerable Democrats heading into the 2018 elections. Her state went heavily for Trump, who won it 57/38 over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. It’s possible she could have been voted out in 2012, but was saved when her Republican opponent, Rep. Todd Akin, made the infamous “legitimate rape” gaffe that torched his senate candidacy. Now, as we enter 2018, McCaskill might have to answer for another blunder: voting against the GOP’s tax bill.

Since President Trump signed the bill into law on December 22, over 100 companies have done exactly what Democrats thought they wouldn’t do: give bonuses to workers, increase U.S. investments, and boost donations to charitable causes. They’re eating crow—lots of it. They’re backtracking. They’re moving goal posts because it’s very possible that a) this bill gets more popular; and b) the Democrats will have to explain why they voted against economic growth, a tax cut for the middle class, and the American worker. The wind that they have to their backs could easily dissipate. We are 10 months away from Election Day. In Missouri, the tax bill benefits have hit close to home, with a Springfield-based bank announcing that they would be giving $1,000 and $500 bonuses to full-time and part-time workers respectively thanks to the new bill. The bank cited how the GOP’s tax reform will create a better economic environment. McCaskill was asked for comment, but decided to deploy countermeasures and head into the bunker (via Springfield News-Leader) [emphasis mine]:

A Springfield-based banking company plans to give one-time bonuses to more than 1,200 employees following the federal tax overhaul recently approved by Republicans in Washington, D.C.

Great Southern Bancorp, Inc., says it will pay $1,000 in cash to all full-time employees and $500 to part-time workers who were employed by the bank on Dec. 31.

In a news release, Great Southern specifically cited the federal tax reform legislation that Congress passed and President Donald Trump signed into law in December.

"The recently passed tax reform package should have positive implications for the U. S. economy, which we expect will benefit the banking industry, including Great Southern," said Joseph W. Turner, president and CEO, in a statement. "We are pleased to take advantage of the unique opportunity presented by the tax reform legislation by rewarding our associates with this special bonus. Our associates work hard every day to build winning relationships with our customers and communities and this bonus underscores our appreciation for their commitment to Great Southern."


A spokeswoman for McCaskill said the Missouri Democrat would not comment on Great Southern's bonuses and referred the News-Leader to a November statement she made.

"What I said to President Trump when we sat down together is still true today—I’m eager to support real, bipartisan tax reform," McCaskill said, in part. "I’d jump at the chance to support a plan to deliver relief to Missouri’s working families, simplify the tax code, close loopholes exploited by the rich, and lower the corporate tax rate. Unfortunately, this tax plan doesn’t live up the commitment I got from President Trump, when he told me he wouldn’t support tax reform that benefited the very rich at the expense of the little guy."  

Claire, this bill is going to help the little guy. It already is with this news from Great Southern. 

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