Unhinged: Watch Social Justice Warrior Goes Insane Over Trump Sign, Screams Like A Banshee Over Nothing

Posted: May 12, 2017 4:20 PM

From our friends at MRCTV, they have found something that perfectly encapsulates the left wing tantrum over Donald Trump being president. A student at Western Washington University was so triggered by a Trump sign being on campus that she just decided to yell into the wind. The shrieks brought some people to come to her aid thinking that she was in need of medical assistance. One student is seen coming up to the student wondering if she was okay. Towards the end of the film, an adult rushed over asking the same question, noting that she heard her shrieks from across the quad. Nick Kangadis had more:

People even walked by and asked if this girl was alright, and she repeatedly responded that she was okay.

Well, news flash. You're not okay.

“Call the police, bitch” was her response when someone was merely trying to check on her.

I’m sorry, not really, but this form of “artistic expression” is a cry for attention and possibly symptoms of mental illness.

Years ago, if someone was screaming at the top of their lungs repeatedly people, no matter what their political affiliation, would assume that something was mentally wrong with a person acting like this.

Yeah, that’s the hilarious part, by the way. Everyone is just staring at this person. There’s no uniting in solidarity. They’re just enjoying some moron scream.