Howard Dean: Steve Bannon Is A Nazi

Posted: Nov 22, 2016 11:30 AM
Howard Dean: Steve Bannon Is A Nazi

If Howard Dean is trying to drum up support for his return as the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, then calling a top adviser to the President-elect could earn him some bonus points. In an interview with a local news outfit, Dean minced no words concerning how he felt about incoming Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon, calling him a Nazi (via The Hill):

Speaking of Trump in an interview with a CBS affiliate in Texas, Dean called the president-elect a "complicated guy."

"He appoints a reasonable person, who's much more conservative than I am, but for somebody who can talk to, as chief of staff, and then his senior adviser is a Nazi," Dean said, referring to Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus and Bannon, respectively.

"[Bannon is] anti-Semitic; he's anti-black; and he's anti-women," Dean said.

Again, we’re back to this game again. First, you can Google Mr. Bannon and form your own opinion, but I’ll say that what you’d find isn’t too particularly flattering. Second, if we’re going to delve into the cesspool of radicalism, then of course it should be equal coverage, given to Rep. Keith Ellison who is also running for the chair of the DNC. Guy wrote about his 9/11 conspiracy peddling, including comparing the terrorist attacks to the Reichstag fire, which allowed Adolf Hitler to assume total control over Germany.

The Media Research Center crunched the numbers between media coverage between these two controversial figures and found out—surprise—that Bannon faced the brunt of the negative media attention. Rich Noyes posted the findings on November 16:

Since Sunday evening, ABC, CBS and NBC (along with a host of other establishment media outlets) have been engaged in a feeding frenzy over Donald Trump’s appointment of Steve Bannon, with reporters relentlessly employing phrases such as “white nationalist,” “white supremacist,” “extremist,” “racist” and “anti-Semitic” to solidify the image of Bannon as a dangerous pick for a top White House position.

But since Friday, those same networks have been blind to the controversies surrounding the top candidate for Democratic National Committee Chairman, Rep. Keith Ellison. Ellison has been accused of ties to the radical Nation of Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood, and once suggested the 9/11 terrorist attacks were akin to the infamous Reichstag fire used to propel Hitler’s Nazi party into absolute power in 1933 Germany.

From Sunday night through Wednesday morning, MRC analysts found the Big Three had already churned out 41 minutes, 46 seconds of coverage devoted to Bannon’s appointment. An analysis finds that nearly three-fourths (74%) of all references to Bannon were negative; the only positive comments viewers heard came from interviews or soundbites with other Trump campaign officials or Republican officeholders.

Noyes reiterated the 9/11-Reichtsag hypothesis Ellison served up, along with reports that he has donors with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, and that he defended Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who’s views are considered to be anti-Semitic. Let’s not act that Democrats aren’t entangled with people of equally questionable political standing.

This isn't the first time Dean has shot his mouth off. During the debate portion of the 2016 cycle, he heavily insinuated that Trump might be using cocaine