Bill Clinton's CIA Director To Advise Trump Campaign, Email Fiasco Shows Hillary 'Lacks Ability To Lead'

Posted: Sep 12, 2016 1:35 PM

Former President Bill Clinton’s CIA director is going to advise the Trump campaign on national security and foreign policy matters. He said that Clinton’s email fiasco has led him to the conclusion that he cannot support her for president. He also said that she lacks the ability to lead her team, while navigating through the various protocol that are in place to keep possible state secrets secured (via The Hill):

She demonstrated a complete lack of understanding and an inability to lead the agency she headed in such a way as to maintain its mission and security,’ Woolsey said in a statement.

“Based on the emails thus far released we know that Secretary Clinton also lacks the ability to lead her senior managers while complying with and maintaining the basic protocols designed to protect our government’s sensitive and classified information. Mr. Trump understands the magnitude of the threats we face and is holding his cards close to the vest.”

On CNN, Woolsey said that he supports Trump, but he’s not in the business of “dispensing endorsements.”