Would The Media Be All Over Trump’s Would-Be Assassin If Hillary Were The Target?

Posted: Jun 23, 2016 8:45 AM

As Cortney reported, a 19-year-old British man identified as Michael Steven Sandford told authorities that he wanted to kill presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump last weekend. Sandford was at a Las Vegas rally for the billionaire magnate and inched forward, telling security that he wanted an autograph from Trump. When he saw an opportunity to grab a police officer’s firearm, he did, but was quickly subdued by other members of law enforcement (via NBC News):

Sandford faces one count of attempting to commit an act of physical violence on restricted grounds.

He approached a Las Vegas police officer during a rally at the Treasure Island Casino pretending to ask for an autograph, the complaint says.

Asked about Sandford's detention, the U.K. Foreign Office said it was assisting after the arrest of a British national in Las Vegas. The suspect has a United Kingdom driver's license, according to the complaint.

After noticing the gun was in an unlocked position, Sandford grabbed the officer's holster and the gun's handle with both hands, the complaint says.


Sandford told a special agent that he had been in the U.S. for more than a year and lived in Hoboken, New Jersey, before traveling to Southern California on June 16 "to kill Trump," the complaint says, adding: "Sandford had seen in the news a few days prior that Trump was coming to Las Vegas to speak."

The day after he arrived, the complaint says, Sandford traveled to a gun range in Las Vegas where, in an effort to learn how to shoot, he fired 20 rounds from a 9mm Glock, the complaint says.

The man tried to assassinate Trump— sure there were some stories from various outlets who reported on this man’s despicable actions, but let’s not shy away from the fact that if this was done to Clinton, we would be obsessed with it, along with extra gusto from the media and anti-gun Left to highlight why we need more gun control. In fact, it would be the greatest shot in the arm that movement needs since most of their advocacy ends in failure. 

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