Fox Exit Polls: Late Deciders Breaking For Rubio, Cruz Clinching 'Lion Share' Very Conservative Voters

Posted: Mar 01, 2016 6:43 PM

For some Super Tuesday primary contests, the polls care about to close in about 20 minutes. Fox News’  exit polls show that 50 percent of respondents in Georgia, Virginia, and Massachusetts want an outsider; late deciders in several states are breaking for Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), while the “lion share” of very conservative voters were going to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX):

The divide among GOP voters could be seen in several of the dozen states where polls are set to start closing soon.

In Georgia, Virginia and Massachusetts, early exit polls showed 50 percent or more of Republicans surveyed said they want an outsider.

That would appear a positive sign for a candidate like Trump. But in Georgia, 46 percent said they’d be dissatisfied if he were the nominee; in Virginia, that number was 52 percent.

Meanwhile, late-deciders in several states appeared to be breaking for Marco Rubio, including in Virginia, Georgia and Oklahoma. But Ted Cruz was getting the lion’s share of support from voters looking for someone “very conservative.”


Barring a seismic shift in voter sentiment, Trump also is expected to dominate the Republican primary field Tuesday, adding to his already-sizable delegate lead – but Rubio and Cruz are battling fiercely for second, hoping to be the definitive alternative to take on Trump in what could be a bruising, to-the-convention fight for the future of the party.

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