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Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s (D-VA) gun control package has righteously gone down in flames (again) when a Virginia State Senate committee decided to vote them down. One of them sought to institute the one-a-month handgun law, which former Gov. Bob McDonnell (R-VA) repealed in 2012. Up until that point, it was state law since 1993 (via WaPo):

A package of nine gun control measures that Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has made a centerpiece of his legislative agenda this year died Monday morning in a state Senate committee.

McAuliffe (D) announced in December that he would push for a renewal of the state’s one-a-month limit on handgun purchases, a requirement that buyers at gun shows undergo background checks, a ban on anyone subject to a protection-from-abuse order having a gun and the revoking of concealed-handgun permits for parents who are behind on child-support payments.

In his State of the Commonwealth earlier this month, the governor declared that “we can no longer stand by as our fellow Virginians are lost to preventable and senseless acts of gun violence.”

In a statement Monday after the bills died, McAuliffe said, “I am disappointed to see these common-sense measures to keep Virginians safe fall to special interest politics. Too many families in Virginia and across the nation have lost loved ones to gun crimes that these proposals could help prevent.”

Here’s a list of the bills that were approved or butchered by the senate committee compliments of the Virginia Citizens Defense League:

SB 689, Sen. Black, lifetime concealed handgun permits

SB 1132, Sen. Garrett, allows concealed handgun permit holders to be able to carry a concealed handgun on K-12 school property after school hours

SB 1137, Sen. Garrett, allows concealed handgun permit holders to have a loaded long gun in their vehicle, regardless of local ordinances to the contrary

SB 1155, Sen. Edwards, requires police make a reasonable effort to return a recovered stolen gun to its owner.

SB 1191, Sen. Norment, requires that a person must KNOWINGLY possess a firearm on K-12 school property before they can be guilty of a felony charge

DEAD Bills:

SB 694, Sen. Marsden, "gun show loophole" bill goes after non-existing loophole. Gun sales procedures are the same inside a gun show as they are outside a gun show

SB 768, Sen. McEachin, "universal background check" bill which would put an onerous burden on those selling their personal firearms. The only way to enforce such a law would be to also have "universal registration"

SB 798, Sen. Locke, reinstates the old "One Handgun a Month" law, which wasn't shown to be effective in stopping gun trafficking

SB 909, Sen. Howell, takes away the right of a person to protect themselves in their own home if they have a protective order issued against them. Such orders can be ex parte and are frequently given to both parties during a divorce

SB 912, Sen. Wexton, takes away a person's gun rights for 90 days if an emergency custody order is issued, even if the order was unwarranted

SB 943, Sen. Favola, takes away a person's gun rights for certain MISDEMEANORS. Misdemeanors are not meant to take away civil rights. This bill initially looked to have passed out of committee, but a full vote recount showed that it failed and failed badly

SB 993, Sen. Lucas, another "gun show loophole" bill

SB 1108, Sen. Puller, takes away a person's concealed handgun permit for being delinquent in child support payments

SB 1178, Sen. Ebbin, a massive hodgepodge of gun control schemes, from creating a "One FIREARM a Month" law to "universal background checks" and almost everything in between

SB 1179, Sen. Ebbin, has the government determining a child's maturity instead of the parents doing so, making it illegal for a 4-year-old to do such things as shoot a BB gun under parental supervision

SB 1215, Sen. Ebbin, would make a person who, for example, sells a gun that has been in their family for 100 years, a criminal if that gun has ivory grips or an ivory inlay.

SB 1429, Sen. Barker, takes away gun rights from someone who is deemed a "substantial risk" to himself or others. Current mental-health laws already cover this.


SB 828, Sen. Black, allows PRIVATE K-12 schools to set their own firearms policies

A Moms Demand Action representative berated the Republican members of the committee and had to be reprimanded by Sen. Tommy Norment, the committee chairman, according to someone who was present at the hearing, Yes, anti-gun wingnuts are quite incorrigible.

Their frivolous campaign to strip Americans of one of their most basic human rights codified in our Constitution will be met with frustration, as 2/3 of all the governorships are Republican. Republicans control the most state legislatures since 1920–and nearly half the country lives in Republican-controlled states.

So, let gun control activists throw a temper tantrum. We’ll keep winning these battles again and again.

As Katie pointed out today, violent crime continues to go down. There's no gun violence epidemic, contrary to what some liberals have been saying on liberal media outlets.  Oh, and concealed carry permits are on the rise. So, by liberal logic, shouldn't America look like the Wild West?  Gladly, it isn't.

The Post added that one bill sought to revoke local laws prohibiting the carrying loaded shotguns and rifles, while the Associated Press mentioned that the committee voted in favor of barring felons convicted of certain violent crimes from possessing or transforming firearms. 

That’s certainly an area where both sides can find common ground.

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