More Rumors Sen. Voinovich May Retire

Posted: Jan 09, 2009 7:20 AM
Yesterday, I reported to you that rumors were coming out of Ohio that Sen. George Voinovich may not run for re-election. Late last night, The Columbus Dispatch confirmed this is being discussed:
WASHINGTON -- Sen. George V. Voinovich reportedly is considering not seeking re-election in 2010, well-placed sources in the Republican Party tell The Dispatch.

Although Ohio GOP Chairman Robert T. Bennett insisted tonight that Voinovich would run for another term, one senior GOP official said Voinovich has told his staff, "I'm running, but I might not run."

Another Republican source, who spoke only on the condition he not be identified, said Voinovich has shuffled his fundraising team. The source said the 72-year-old senator appears to be sending signals that he might not run for a third term.

This would be bad news in the sense that this would be one more Republican senate seat up-for-grabs in a swing state (Jeb Bush won't run for Sen. Mel Martinez's seat in Florida and Kit Bond is retiring in Missouri). But it's also a chance for Rob Portman to run for senate. This would avoid a nasty primary battle, as well, and clear a path for John Kasich to be the GOP nominee for governor.