Media More Likely to Link to Liberal Blogs

Posted: Oct 14, 2008 1:33 PM

Have you noticed that liberal blogs get more love than conservative blogs?  Me, too.  But until recently, this notion was purely anecdotal.  Fortunately, a few tech geeks came up with a bright idea to demonstrate biases.  They "used a recommendation algorithm to score every blog on Memeorandum based on their linking activity in the last three months."  

Then they wrote a script to demonstrate their political biases (based on their "linking activity").  In short, liberal blogs show up blue, while conservative blogs are red.  

Patrick Ruffini (a self-confessed "proud geek") installed the script -- and you probably won't be surprised by what he found:  

"Look at the colors assigned to MSM sources and media-sponsored campaign blogs. Every single one that I could see -- except for Yahoo News in a separate link -- is colored blue."

Here's what Ruffini is talking about:

More Ruffini:  "The New York Times and the AP are colored in the darkest shade of blue, along with Talking Points Memo:"

Ruffini also notes some disappointing info about two of my favorite bloggers:

"Even MSM bloggers I really like Jonathan Martin and Marc Ambinder (not included here, but the blue coloring was spotted in the wild) are colored blue. And though Martin is not a partisan, he did briefly work for National Review and covered the Republican primaries, so he should link to conservative blogs more than most."