Joe Gibbs Speaks

Posted: Sep 12, 2008 10:02 AM

Coach Joe Gibbs just spoke at FRC's Values Voters Summit.  Having grown up in Maryland (mostly in the post-Colts/pre-Ravens) days, I am a huge fan of Gibbs and the Redskins.  Having observed him for decades from afar, it is clear that he is a great man and a great leader -- as well as a Hall of Fame football coach. 

Gibbs avoided talking too much about politics, but rather focused on essentially giving his personal faith testimony.  It is an inspiring story, and because of his amazing career, he is an excellent witness for Christ.  Unfortunately, Gibbs wasn't available for interviews, but I am hoping to get to personally meet with him someday.

However, I did just conduct an excellent (if I do say so myself) interview with CNN's Lou Dobbs.  I'll try to post that soon.  As usual, what makes a great interview, is a great interviewee ...