Most Convention Events Suspended Tomorrow

Posted: Aug 31, 2008 4:36 PM
PressConf.jpg picture by MattLewis01


The McCain campaign just completed a press conference hosted at the convention center regarding how the hurricane might impact events.  RNC chairman Mike Duncan was on hand, as well as others, including campaign manager Rick Davis.  McCain spoke via satellite.  Amanda Carpenter has the story here.

Earlier today, I posited the theory that McCain may not attend the convention.  This theory is entirely still alive.  I also mentioned the possibility that McCain might postpone becoming the official nominee.  Apparently RNC rules require this to happen this week.  As campaign manager Rick Davis said:  "At some point between Monday and Thursday evening, we will convene once again to complete the activities needed to qualify Senator McCain and Governor Palin for the ballot in all 50 states."

It is not clear whether or not an emergency might allow RNC rules to change -- or to allow a postponement of McCain's acceptance.  And there may be a difference between nominating McCain and having him accept the nomination.  Several reporters asked questions regarding whether or not the convention could extend beyond Thursday, but, so far, the campaign and RNC have avoided comment.  For now, of course, this is all speculation.