McCain's First Term: 2013

Posted: May 15, 2008 9:51 AM
Update:  You want change?  I'll give you change!  This was one of McCain's best speeches.  This exactly the message he needs to win in November.  This McCain will win in '08.  Read below ...

John McCain will make remarks today in Columbus, OH, outlining how he envisions the world will look in 2013 -- after his first term.  This includes a "functioning Democracy" in Iraq. Focusing on the future (as if he's already been elected) strikes me as a pretty good -- and creative -- idea for McCain to address.    Here's a web ad about that very topic:

Update:  Promising transparency and access, McCain vowed to hold weekly press conferences.  Lyn Nofziger, Reagan's press secretary is probably smiling somewhere.  He told me (and wrote in his book) that Reagan was at his best when he did weekly press conferences.  This kept the press from "building up" questions to ask, etc.  The press needs food -- and you've gotta' "feed the beast" to keep them happy.

... McCain also vowed to go before Congress more, simiar to what the Prime Minister does in Britain.  He also vowed to have Democrats working in the Administration.

... Further "divorcing" himself from President Bush, this was, arguably, McCain's best line:

After exercising my veto several times in my first year in office, Congress has not sent me an appropriations bill containing earmarks for the last three years.

... The press is reacting to the speech positively:  "That speech is what the Democrats really have to worry about," - Jonathan Capart of the WaPost on MSNBC.

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