Huckabee is running for 2012?

Posted: Apr 25, 2008 2:05 PM

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... Just received this email from a reader, who has an interesting theory that Huckabee is looking past the vice presidency ...

Huckabee is running for 2012

He knows McCain can't choose him so he's sowing as much division as possible, and trying to stay in the spot light. Think about it.
The continuing snarky Romney comments.
The anti-Romney ad petition.
The book to be released in Nov about his campaign.
The Huck4America website.
His "new and improved" website with a countdown!
Pep rally for himself.
Speaking engagements all about himself, not McCain.[# More #]
He wouldn't have had the pep rally if he thought he had a chance with McCain. He's just trying to stir up more trouble between evangelicals and Mormons, and all your TH posts are fueling it. I am fueling it with my own comments as well. He'll do anything to keep McCain from choosing Romney and of course you know why.
He actually wants McCain to lose!  Not only is he not helping McCain - he's hurting him, and the effort to unite the party.
I've emailed the Huck4America folks. They are virulently against Romney - you should see the 3 lengthy responses I have from whoever it is running the joint. Bunch of old Romney stuff that isn't true.
Someone needs to come out and tell the truth about all of Huckabee's actions. He gets away with so much crap and nobody seems to care.

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