Last Night Won't Help Dems

Posted: Apr 17, 2008 9:33 AM
I've got to echo Carol.  If anyone won last night, it was John McCain.  Here's why:

... Neither candidate came out looking glamorous -- or even presidential.  What happened to Obama's charisma?   

... Obama -- the most likely nominee -- was battered most.  Aside from being beaten up, you can now add "wimp" to his list of qualities (just last week, we added "elitist") ...

... Americans were reminded once again how both candidates are tied to 1960s radical extremists.  In this case, it was the Weather Underground.

... Finally, this was, perhaps, the worst kind of "tense" debate:  a boring one.  There are no "knock-out" punches thrown, just the continued trench warfare that seems to grind on and on.