Re: Obama's Sermon On The Mount

Posted: Mar 04, 2008 9:23 AM

When I wrote that Barack Obama's use of religious imagery meant he might pick up some Evangelical voters, I received emails from a few people pointing out to me that Evangelicals would never support Obama because of his pro-abortion stance.

My argument has been that most folks simply don't realize just how liberal Obama really is.  Well, this piece by Terry Jeffrey (which made the rounds on conservative blogs yesterday) may serve as an opening salvo in the effort to educate voters about how Obama justifies his positions:

As Hugh's post demonstrates, this story is getting picked up by several Christian outlets, including the Baptist Press.

But will this get the word out?  My guess is that, in a General Election, it will be harder for Obama to position himself as both a "devout" Christian -- and an avid pro-Choicer.  But he doesn't have to convince everyone, just some.  And, as you can see, he is skillfully attempting to navigate this dangerous terrain in such a way as to be able to satisfy both Christians, and his liberal constituency. 

Will it work?  Keep in mind that the average voter does not decide for whom to vote based on logic or policy positions, but instead, based on emotion or "gut."  In this regard, Obama doesn't "feel" like a liberal candidate.  Not yet, at least...