Gramm, <em>Not</em> Graham!

Posted: Jan 31, 2008 9:50 PM

Whether you prefer Mitt Romney -- or Mike Huckabee -- or Ron Paul -- the odds are (for now, at least) that we're looking at nominating John McCain.  That's an analysis, but I think it's a pretty fair one.

Assuming McCain wins the nomination, I think that -- despite his many failings (they all have failings) -- there is no doubt he would be better for freedom and liberty-loving Americans than either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

And assuming he wins the nomination, I believe it is vital that conservatives come up with a strategy for rewarding good behavior, and punishing bad behavior, should he win the presidency.

Just because someone is elected president doesn't mean they can't be influenced.  Clearly, they can be.

... Advisers matter.  Staffers matter.  Mentors matter.  Donors matter.  Media matters.

If McCain wins the nomination, the conservative movement must have a plan to influence him to do the right things, such as nominating good judges. 

The President is going to be listening to someone, the question is who?   My hope is that it is Phil Gramm, not Lindsay Graham --  and National Review,, and Human Events, not The New York Times.