Advice for Tonight

Posted: Jan 10, 2008 8:40 PM
Jennifer Rubin has some good advice for the candidates tonight:

1. No one cry.  Democrats and specifically Democratic women may fall for that, but this is a GOP primary. Republican women generally ridicule Alan Alda/Phil Donahue excessively weepy and touchy-feely types. So get a grip.
2. "Change" is "so Tuesday." Experience and substance are back in this week and so are the Party's core values.
3. Since everyone is ducking states now don't waste your breath on someone not playing in your "must win" state. (Conversely I'd expect everyone to attack Huckabee and McCain.)
4. If the moderator says your opponent isn't well liked don't condescend, just hush up.
5. Everyone must say "I understand Michigan is hurting" or some variation at least twice. But don't cry (see #1).