Re: Where's Romney's Bio?

Posted: Oct 23, 2007 6:55 AM
Patrick -- You make a good point.  I think Romney could play up his business abilities a bit more than he has.

However, I've got to disagree with your take on the FRC straw poll (not sure if you saw my post yesterday). 

You wrote that once you, "Filter out the online votes ... you have a pretty organic (and one sided) protest vote for Mike Huckabee."

The probelm is; why should we filter out online votes?

According to Romney's conservative coalitions director Gary Marx, Romney's team encouraged their social conservative supporters -- even the ones who were attending in person -- to vote online (this is consistent with traditional campaign strategy which says you encourage your base to vote absentee or early).

Moreover, the Romney campaign was not aware there would be a distinction made between online votes and in-person votes.  

I've not been a Romney apologist, by any stretch, but should we punish the campaign for utilizing technology?