Politics & Religion Update

Posted: Aug 20, 2007 3:23 PM
... One of my favorite writers, Arthur Brooks, has a great piece in the WSJ today called "Our Religious Destiny:"  

Recently the presidential campaigns have been turning to talk of the candidates' religious faith. Barack Obama proclaims a "personal relationship" with Jesus Christ. Democratic candidate John Edwards is on the religious offensive, speaking for Jesus himself when he tells an interviewer he thinks Christ "would be appalled" by our current policies regarding poverty and the war. Even the candidate who is arguably the least religious of the frontrunners -- Rudy Giuliani -- feels compelled to defend himself publicly on questions of whether he is "Catholic enough."

... Parents TV Council recently unveiled their best and worst TV advertisers.  American-made Ford is one of the best, while Toyota and GM were among the worst.

... And lastly, Liberals compare the Republicans to Humpty Dumpty & Monty Python while the Conservatves  pontificate liberal obssession with the Devil.