The "Weirdness" Factor?

Posted: Feb 14, 2007 9:45 AM

Remember last month when Rudy Giuliani's secret campaign document was leaked to the press?

Now another document has made it's way into the papers.  This time, it is a 14-year old “vulnerability study” that is being reported in today's Washington Post. The document further adds fuel to Rudy’s enemies who wish to discredit him as being “weird.” According to the Post:

The "weirdness" question involved Giuliani's first marriage, to his second cousin. He had his 14-year union with Regina Peruggi annulled on grounds that the Roman Catholic Church had never properly approved the marriage. The 1993 memo said that Giuliani had given a "wide array of conflicting answers" about his personal life, bringing "the soundness of his judgment" into question, but that any attempt to question the marriage or his fidelity "should be deflected as a shameless act of negative campaigning."

In a sense, this is old news.  But then again, this is the first I'm hearing about the cousin thing. Granted, FDR was married to his cousin, so this is not entirely new territory.  But that was a long time ago.  Is this one more small piece of the puzzle that might make voters wonder about Rudy?

Perhaps more importantly, at least to me, it seems obvious the Giuliani campaign is incapable of maintaining internal top secret documents. This is the second “confidential” document to make it into the newspapers.

I’m not naïve enough to think that this just happened spontaneously.  More likely, Rudy's opponents are digging this stuff up.  Still, it is troubling that a candidate (who is basing his candidacy on national security) cannot secure internal campaign documents.

To me, this is the more concerning point.